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On June 17, 2005 I went to see Michael Flatleys Celtic Tiger and it was definitely a night I will remember forever. I got two tickets from Michael so I took my mum with me and we set out for Birmingham, UK from the Czech Republic where I live.

   Celtic Tiger is something I have never seen before. Michael promised us a show like nothing before and he delivered it! It´s spectacular and breathtaking masterpiece using the most favourite pieces of LOTD, FOF and Riverdance and mixing it with brand new choreography, music, costuming. The first half tells the history of Irish people in Ireland. The second half tells the modern Irish/American history in classical Hollywood movie style.

   Seeing Michael performing live for the first time in my life was like a dream and it´s certainly true when he says that he feels better than ever. In Celtic Tiger he not only dances but also plays a wonderful flute solo accompanied with a ballet performance that took my breath away. His tap dance solo á la Feet of Flames in gangster style was simply unbelievable!

   The troupe consists of the best dancers I´ve ever seen. They are amazing and it´s obvious that they enjoy working with Michael very much. One of the best pieces was in the second half where they can prove their versatile talent – we gradually see latin-ballroom dancing, American tap dance, hip-hop, flamenco and ballet and it ends up with all the dancers dancing ID together.

   Ronan Hardiman´s music is just fantastic. I dare to say nothing like LOTD. He had to use several different styles so the soundtrack is very diverse!

   The costumes must have cost a fortune becuase they are all very beautiful and even though it all might seem a little bit cheesy believe me that when you´re watching the show all these colorful costumes seem to be exactly to the fore.

   The best thing about the show is the never ending surprise. With every scene comes a shock that keeps you very excited in anticipation of the next scene. When the show is over you realize that you want to see it again and again. There are so many hidden meanings and also it gives you so much positive energy. The encores are of course highlight of the evening!

   I strongly recommend you seeing this show not only becuase it may be your the last chance to see Michael but also because I don´t think you will ever get a chance to see something like Celtic Tiger again. I believe it´s unrepeatable unless Michael created one more show bigger than this in the future. ;-)

Michaela Fülöp, 07/01/2005   







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Photos from June 17, 2005; National Indoor Arena in Birmingham


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